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Working on flooring can be back-breaking and painful labor. In addition to taking a ton of time, doing the job right requires an incredible amount of effort. However, with the right tools, you can make quick work of everything from polishing and preserving to demolition and treating. Calgrove Equipment Rentals is here to help you get the tool you need for your project so you can get through it faster and more effectively than ever before.

Our Colton flooring and resurfacing tools come from some of the industry’s leading names in quality and performance, ensuring that you’ll get through your work faster. Our team carefully and meticulously maintains our tools to ensure they deliver maximum performance for the job you need them to do. Likewise, our customer service treats you and your project with the care it deserves, and we always make sure we’re ready to help you however we can.

Let us help you with your flooring job by providing you with the best equipment available! Give Calgrove Equipment Rentals a call at (909) 440-1032 today.

Floor Stripper

The FCS16 floor scraper allows you to quickly remove VCT tiles, rubber-backed carpeting, and other sheet-type flooring from wood and concrete surfaces in a hurry. The innovative Back-Saver™ Blade Control System allows you to adjust blade attack angle without stopping work, saving you time and increasing productivity.


  • ¾ horsepower motor, 115 Volts AC @15 amperes
  • Direct-drive system
  • Features a 37-foot, 12-3, SJTW extension cord with GFCI
  • For use in non-hazardous locations

Floor Polisher

Our floor polisher systems offer a wide 17-inch polishing pad and incredible versatility. These machines make scrubbing, polishing, or surface stripping just about any tile, wood, or other type of floor a breeze. The handle can be adjusted to the height of a number of different operators.


  • 1.5 horsepower motor turns polishing pad at 175 RPM
  • Features 50-foot power cord (requires 115-volt power connection)
  • Can practically treat nearly 2,000 square feet every two hours
  • Produces a low 63dB noise level

Single-Head Surface Grinder

Need to make quick work of stripping the sealant off of your floor? Our single-head surface grinder tears through even the toughest surfaces to make the job a breeze. These heavy-duty grinders can be adjusted to the size of the operator, and even feature a dust collection attachment port!


  • 1.5 horsepower motor spins grinding discs at 250 RPM
  • Requires 115 volts, single-phase AC power
  • Includes a 37-foot extension cord equipped with GFCI

Dual-Head Surface Grinder

Our dual-head surface grinder can break through the heaviest of seals, varnishes, and polish layers on your flooring, letting you get to work providing the treatment your surface needs. This system also includes a three-inch diameter dust collection attachment port.


  • 2 horsepower motor spins counter-rotating grinder discs at 250 RPM
  • Operates on both 115 and 230-volt single-phase AC power systems
  • Features adjustable operator handle and wheel heights

Concrete Planer

Our concrete planers are ideal for treating sidewalks, removing concrete or concrete coatings, cleaning or preparing flooring, creating non-slip surfaces, or even removing traffic lines and road markings from concrete or asphalt surfaces!


  • Features an eight-inch working width that scarifies 350 to 500 square feet per hour (at a 1/8” depth per pass)
  • Powered by a nine horsepower gasoline engine (recommended for outdoor use)
  • Removes traffic lines at 800 to 1,000 feet per hour

Trolley Hammer

The Hilti Breaker TE 1000-AVR is our flooring demolition specialist. When combined with Hilti’s TE-SP New Wave chisel, this system delivers exceptional performance across a wide variety of materials and applications. This system takes care of concrete and masonry down on floor level, as well as up to waste level. Plus, it features a Makinex trolley for easy transport!


  • Features a single impact energy of 1,902 ft-lbs
  • Offers tremendous speed of 1,950 impacts per minute
  • Has a maximum chiseling performance of 476 cubic inches per minute
  • Offers A-weighted emission sound pressure of only 85dB

Need the tools to make quick work of your flooring job? Get them from the experts at Calgrove Equipment Rentals! Contact us today.

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